If you are searching for rental cottages to find a good spot for your next summer vacation then look no further than Rockview Cottages. Although there are many choices of rental cottages and fishing resorts in Ontario, choosing Rockview Cottages for your familyís summer vacation will ensure your family experiences the best possible combination of fishing and fun that will create lasting memories for everyone.


Most people can agree on the basic things that make for a great summer vacation such as clean, comfortable cottages, good fishing and nice weather. Many of the fishing resorts are either too big or are set up more for fishermen and donít really cater to families. Many private rental cottages donít have much in the way of equipment like a playground or paddleboats that really make it fun for the kids. Most private rental cottages also donít have on site staff so you rarely get the service quality and personal touch that can really make your vacation enjoyable.


One of the most important features of a family fishing resort is the beach and swimming area. Families with kids will generally spend a lot of their vacation time digging in the sand and splashing around in the water. Lake Nipissing is a relatively shallow lake which makes for comfortably warm water for swimming. Many of the fishing resorts and rental cottages along the south shore of Lake Nipissing can offer shallow swimming areas and sandy beaches but few of them can offer a protected shoreline and beach area like Rockview. An island just offshore ensures that parents never have to worry about rough water or boat traffic near the swimming area.


Another important consideration for families is the availability and location of a playground. It is very rare that private rental cottages have a playground and even many of the family fishing resorts donít have much in the way of playground equipment. None of them can match Rockviewís playground location and extensive equipment which includes slides, swings, 2 playhouses and 4 separate climbing structures. Rockviewís playground is also quite close to and visible from all of the cottages so you can sit and enjoy a drink or cook dinner on the BBQ while still allowing younger children to play safely.


Another clear advantage Rockview has is the size of our resort. Generally people booking summer vacations at rental cottages or a cottage resort want to have some other families around so that the kids can meet and play together while the adults socialize and relax but no one wants to have too many other families around. Our five cottages provide the perfect balance so that there are almost always other families around but not so many that you are competing for space around the fire pit or waiting endlessly for a turn with the kayaks. Also, our property is just big enough to give the kids room to roam around and explore without getting lost or wandering too far.


Rockview Cottages also offers fully covered and screened-in decks on most of our cottages. This ensures that you can enjoy our beautiful sunsets without having to worry about getting eaten by mosquitoes before heading over to enjoy a campfire or spend a relaxing (or rousing) night indoors.


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Family Vacations


Top 5 Reasons Why

Rockview Cottages is

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Family Vacation Destination.


#1 - Our Clean, Comfortable Cottages are well equipped with everything you need.


#2 - Protected Beach away from boat traffic and a safe, shallow swimming area.


#3 - Our excellent Playground is visible from all cottages and includes swings, slides, playhouses and climbing structures.


#4 - Great Fishing - Our location at the mouth of South Bay offers easy access to all of the best fishing spots.


#5 - Resort Size - with 5 cottages Rockview is the perfect size, just big enough to have a few other families around without overcrowding.





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